In our business we are connected with all active participants in the process of planning, designing, investing and buying and selling real estate. This ensures that the users of our services receive qualified advice from us at all times, which will significantly help them find their way in the labyrinth of the real estate market.
The development process of the brokerage profession requires intermediaries to turn more than just selling information and connecting buyers and sellers to the field of consulting.
The advisory role of intermediaries extends to the area of financial advice. An increasing role in lending and investing in real estate for profit, especially construction for rent, also plays an important role in this.
Advice on the purchase and choice of construction land, whose obligation is also emphasized in the law, is our daily routine, especially in light of the assessment of the status of land in relation to current urban plans and building permits. Intermediaries are increasingly becoming an important part of consulting services, especially in complex projects.
Our advice on the market value of real estate is especially appreciated. Although this applies mainly to sellers, lately more and more buyers are asking for our opinion and assessment of the profitability of the purchase.
No less important are our tips on drafting contracts, transferring ownership and possessions, all the way to the minutes of the handover of real estate.
It is impossible to draw the line between mediation and counseling. Differences arise when it comes to the needs of the law, various expertise, business connections with foreign countries, the preparation of cost-effectiveness studies, assessment of the market value of real estate, etc.
Great advice is worth its weight in gold!