The customer

Despite rising prices, real estate remains the best long-term refuge for capital.
It is unquestionable that the customer is at the center of the business interest of mediation. Without their "I’m buying" there is no contract of sale. Before the buyer decides to buy, they should ask themselves a central question: How much money do I have at my disposal, what kind of real estate do I want to buy, what is my credit capability?
Important questions, in addition to the above, to which the buyer must have answers before making a purchase decision include:

  • What type of property am I buying, size and layout?
  • What is the purpose and purpose of the property I am buying?
  • Old construction or new construction?
  • Which locations suit me best?
  • What costs await me before and after the purchase?
  • How much can I afford, what price can I go for?
  • What should the property I am buying fulfill?
  • What requirements do I have regarding infrastructure, schools, kindergartens, shops, parks?
  • What elements do I have to pay attention to when concluding a sales contract?
  • What is common and what is specific when buying a house, apartment, commercial real estate?

Together with you, we will be happy to look for a property that best suits your needs, possibilities and desires.